Couples Therapy

It is very common for relationships to be rocked by change. Couples therapy can help people open up and explore some of the issues that are impacting on the relationship. By opening up communication between couples they can then start to understand the underlying issues in their relationship. This can then help to resolve them and move forward. Problems in relationships can often be complicated and can sometimes be as a result of difficult experiences from your childhood as well as current issues and concerns. Couples therapy looks to explore your experiences and emotions and understand how they imapct on each other, in order to try and work towards positive change.


It is important to recognise that we are not experts in relationships. All relationships are unique. We will not be telling you how your relationship should be. We would like to help you understand the difficulties in your relationship and find a way forward that suits you.


The initial assessment session will be as a couple. 


There will then be one individual session with each partner.


All further sessions will then be as a couple.


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